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TOKYO 2005

Meijiseimeikan was designed by Shinichiro Okada, and construction by Takenaka Corporation was completed in 1934. In 1997, it became the first Showa Era building to be designated as an important cultural asset. Refurbishment work has been carried out, so while being an important cultural asset, the building can continue to be used with the functions, comfort and benefits of a modern office building.
Meijiseimeikan was ordered under the National Mobilization Law to supply the metals in the building during World War II, After the war it was requisitioned and used as the United States Far East Air Forces Headquarters, and it had been used as the head office of a life insurance company up to now. With this project, approved under the "System for Classified Area of Important Cultural Assets" of the Tokyo Municipal Government, the Meiji Yasuda Life Building was constructed adjoining Meijiseimeikan, and with this opportunity to redevelop this area, the work on Meijiseimeikan was undertaken. Most of the head office functions have been moved to the Meiji Yasuda Life Building, so Meijiseimeikan has been reborn as a tenant building.
Atrium and corridor renovated as lounge

The front room is preserved for use.

Auditorium restored to theater seating When the building was designated as an important cultural asset, the exterior wall facing the palace moat, the first floor salesroom area, the second floor corridors, the Number 1 Conference Room, the executive dining room, and the seventh floor hall were designated to be "preserved as is," or "preserved as much as possible." Maintenance and repair, restoration, and facelift work were thereafter carried out throughout the building. Areas that could be altered were refurbished as spaces where people could enjoy themselves, such as lounges and seminar rooms. While respecting the historical importance of all the parts as important cultural assets, methods were taken for newly-required functions and designs to be added. In addition to the previously public areas, since the end of last year, the refurbished lounge, the second floor corridors, meeting rooms, conference rooms and the cafeteria have been opened to the public. The building is expected to continue into the future to be a working building whose role is to display the history of the Showa Era.

Client Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company
Location 1-1 Marunouchi, 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Design Takenaka Corporation
Design (Lounge) Takenaka Corporation and Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei JV
Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure steel Reinforced Concrete
Number of floors 8 fl. above, 2 fl below ground
Building area 3,856 m²
Total floor area 31,762 m²
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