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Group CSR Vision

Dreams into reality for a sustainable future

We consider our management philosophy, “Contribute to society by passing on the best works to future generations,” as our corporate mission.To achieve it we follow our company policy and handle every architectural project we undertake with the utmost care. This ensures quality management, which earns customer satisfaction and society’s trust, and raises the company’s value to society.
We are required to engage in many more activities that share our corporate values with society than ever before as our stakeholders diversify and the functions of architecture change. Moreover, society faces various problems, such as energy and environmental issues, increased disaster risk, an aging social infrastructure, and a declining birthrate and aging population.
The potential impact of these issues requires today’s corporations to shoulder more social responsibility.
We formulated the Takenaka Group CSR Vision and the Takenaka Group Message, which incorporate this vision in communicating our corporate philosophy based on a concept of quality management, to express our commitment to deploying our group’s concerted efforts and cooperating more closely with stakeholders and society to resolve social issues and realize a sustainable society. Each of us will take our corporate philosophy, the cornerstone of our business, to heart and promote quality management in accordance with the CSR action guidelines presented in our corporate code of conduct in order to realize this vision.

Realizing the combined aspirations of the Takenaka Group CSR Vision and Takenaka Group Message

Besides responding to the expectations of our stakeholders, who include the global environment, local communities, customers, employees and cooperating companies in our efforts to realize a sustainable society, we believe that the cities in which they all gather and pursue their various activities must be safe, prosperous and easy to live in both today and tomorrow. To assure this, we will enhance our dialog with stakeholders even further. We will combine the business capabilities of our corporate group in construction, civil engineering, real estate and development, facility management and urban renewal in order to realize a sustainable society of the future through urban creation with new added value.

Activities implemented with stakeholders to realize our vision

In response to the expectation of our stakeholders, we are working in various fields to define issues through dialog with stakeholders and with careful attention to global developments, including SDGs, and our management is planning and executing these activities in ways that are in line with our corporate code of conduct.
Our aim is to contribute to building a sustainable society by steadily promoting these activities and resolving challenging social issues.

TAKENAKA Corporate Report 2018

We disclose to our stakeholders the details of the projects and activities we are pursuing as a corporate group with the aim of realizing a sustainable society through our corporate reports and Web site.

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CSR Contents, case examples and data that cannot be covered in the report due to space constraints are featured.

WEB publication contents WEB publication contents

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