Development of “Bug Keeper”: An environmentally-friendly suction type insect capturing device for use as an insect proofing measures in pharmaceutical and food product plants, art galleries, and so on.

Confirmed that it captures about 10 times as many insects as a conventional adhesive tape insect capturing device

June 25, 2010Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation (President: Toichi Takenaka) has developed the “Bug Keeper,” which is a suction type insect capturing device for use as insect proofing measures at pharmaceutical and food product plants, art galleries at forested locations and similar facilities where it is particularly necessary to control insect pests. The “Bug Keeper” is effective primarily with flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects because insects attracted by the ultraviolet rays emitted by its insect attracting fluorescent lights are sucked in by the power of its fan. Verification tests performed at the Takenaka Research & Development Institute (Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture) have confirmed that its flying insect capturing capability is about 10 times that of a conventional adhesive tape type insect capturing device.

Insect proofing measures based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)(

The countermeasure usually taken to fight the infestation of buildings by inspect pests has been to kill the pests with insecticides, but their impact on people and on the environment has long been a cause of anxiety. Takenaka Corporation has undertaken technology development to establish insect proofing measures incorporating the concept of IPM. This machine does not use chemicals so it does not harm people and the environment. It is constructed to simplify the disposal of the insects it captures, the replacement of its insect attracting fluorescent tubes and other maintenance.
Plants manufacturing pharmaceuticals and food products usually fight insects by installing an outer room in front of the entrances/exits of their facilities. Takenaka Corporation plans to introduce “Bug Keeper” as an insect proofing device for use at entrances and exits where it is difficult to install outer rooms or in existing facilities where none were originally installed. Takenaka also takes the initiative to propose installation methods and locations based on scientific data it has accumulated.

Takenaka will display the “Bug Keeper” at Asia’s largest international exhibition of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cleansers research and development and manufacturing technology show, the Twenty-third Interphex Japan, which will be held this year from June 30 to July 2 at Tokyo Big Sight.

* IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
Control methods which maintain sanitary environments by, instead of aiming mainly to eradicate insects (those which cause harm) by killing them with pesticides, restricting the use of drugs while controlling the population of insects within an allowable range by effectively combining a variety of insect proofing methods.
photo:External view of the electrolytic cell、Residual chlorine measurement、Control panel

<Bug Keeper>

Special features of “Bug Keeper”

  • It is mainly effective in dealing with flies, mosquitoes, or other flying insects, and its capturing effectiveness is about 10 times that of conventional adhesive tape type insect capturing devices.
  • It can exterminate insects without the use of chemicals, making it kind to people and the environment.
  • Its structure simplifies maintenance, disposal of captured insects and replacement of insect attracting fluorescent tubes.
  • Two types are available: fixed type and the easy-to-move caster type.

Specifications of the “Bug Keeper”

External dimensions: 300×300×1,800 mm (Excluding the casters and rack 600×600×70 mm)
Insect attracting light source: Straight tubes (40W type insect attracting use fluorescent lamps) ×1lamp
Noise: 54dB
Weight: approx. 45kg (excluding casters and rack)
Electric power consumption: approximately 200W (AV100V power source use)
Exterior finishing material: Steel plates with baking finishing

* Product sales
The “Bug Keeper” is a product developed and designed by Takenaka Corporation, but it is manufactured and sold by Airtech Japan Ltd. (President: Shinya Hirasawa, TEL: 03-3872-6611).

Verification Test

In 2008 the Insect Proofing Laboratory in the Takenaka Research & Development Institute installed the suction type insect capturing device “Bug Keeper” (one 40W insect attracting fluorescent tube) side-by-side with the most widely used insect capture device, an adhesive tape type insect capturing device (one 20W insect attracting fluorescent tube) and compared the insects which the two devices captured. Although the results varied slightly according to the air temperature and weather, they confirmed that “Bug Keeper” provides insect capturing performance about 10 times that of conventional devices.