Activities in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake (Revised April 1, 6:00 p.m.)

March 12, 2011Takenaka Corporation

The information below is being updated as needed. Please understand that the contents may have changed by the time you read it.

<Principal Activities>

April 1 (Friday)

<A system able to support future restoration>

  • Now, three weeks since the earthquake, the role of our headquarters has shifted from emergency response to restoration. Since April 1, therefore, we have shifted from a disaster response system to a restoration system, and we are now reinforcing the Tohoku Branch Office and conducting restoration work led by the local Disaster Measures Center. The Osaka Main Office and Nagoya Branch Office Support Measures Headquarters were dissolved on March 31, and approximately 70 people are scheduled to be transferred from other main offices and branch offices to occupy posts at the Tohoku Branch Office in early April.

Earthquake Restoration System (Beginning April 1)

March 18 (Friday)

  • Rescue supplies/equipment etc. are continuously transported from various regions to the Tohoku Branch Office Disaster Measures Center.

<Rescue supplies being loaded at the East Japan Materials/Equipment Center>

March 17 (Thursday)

  • We are now responding in sequence at a total of approximately 1,850 (Kanto region: approx. 1,400, Tohoku region: approx. 450) of our clients' buildings where the state of damage had been confirmed as of 5:00 p.m. the previous day.
  • We are now responding at a total of approximately 50 of our clients' buildings whose state of damage had been confirmed in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture.

March 16 (Wednesday)

<Response to the earthquake of March 15 in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture>

  • After the earthquake, the Disaster Measures Headquarters was established at the Nagoya Branch Office to confirm the safety of employees and their families.
    It was confirmed that all employees were safe in the afternoon of that day. It was confirmed that no buildings under construction and no Takenaka facilities were damaged.

March 15 (Tuesday)

  • Preparations were made to send support personnel from Nagoya and Osaka to the Tohoku Branch Office Disaster Measures Center and support for restoration was strengthened.
  • A transportation system was established and has been performins continuous transport of rescue supplies/equipment.

<View of the Disaster Measures Headquarters in Tokyo>

March 14 (Monday)

  • Support personnel responsible for procurement and machinery and rescue supplies transport trucks arrived at the Tohoku Branch Office Disaster Measures Center.
  • Support personnel responsible for structure and execution left in the evening for the Tohoku Branch Office Disaster Measures Center and are expected to arrive on the same day.

March 13 (Sunday)

  • At 11:00 a.m., the safety of all personnel was confirmed and confirmation of the safety of some of their families is in progress.
  • Two rescue supplies transport trucks which left Tokyo the previous night reached the Tohoku Branch Office Disaster Measures Center in the morning. Transport of rescue supplies, etc. is scheduled to continue in the future.

Principal supplies transported: electric generators, stoves, temporary toilets, tents, sleeping bags, lighting equipment, bicycles, cold-weather clothing, food, etc.

March 12 (Saturday)

  • An 11 member advance team (three vehicles) which left Tokyo for Sendai at 6:00 a.m. reached the Tohoku Branch Office Disaster Measures Center (Miyagi District FM Center) and immediately began rescue activities before dawn on the 13th.

First Report (Released on March 12)