Start of Electric Power Saving Works at the Tokyo Main Office and the Takenaka Research & Development Institute

—Electric Power Reduction Team newly formed with its goal a maximum 50 percent reduction of electric power consumption at the Tokyo Main Office—

June 10, 2011Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation (President: Toichi Takenaka) has formed the Electric Power Reduction Team, which will begin to execute electric power saving work at the Tokyo Main Office and the Takenaka Research & Development Institute.

On May 13, an electric power conservation goal calling for a uniform 15 percent reduction (from its level in the previous year) of maximum electric power consumed by corporations and by homes was formerly set as a government summer electric power supply and demand measure for the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) supply area. Takenaka Corporation will execute construction work with the goal of cutting electric power consumption by 25 percent. At the Tokyo Main Office Building, reusable energies (photovoltaic power generation, biomass power generation) will be promptly introduced as medium- and long-term measures, and while working to lower CO2 emissions, initiatives will be taken to make it a model office intended to create zero carbon buildings.

Tokyo Main Office Building

At the Tokyo Main Office Building completed in 2004, total annual energy consumption in 2005, the first year the building was in use, was a total of 34 percent less than the average annual energy consumption in the former building (Chuo-ku, total floor area of 36,847m2) from 2002 to 2004, and a total reduction of 47 percent was achieved five years later in 2009.

The new electric power saving works are intended to cut maximum daytime electric power consumption by about 50 percent and lower total energy consumption by about 30 percent from their levels in the previous year. Improvements including the installation of photovoltaic power generation panels, introduction of a cogeneration system, expansion of natural ventilation, and replacement of lighting fixtures with LED type fixtures will be completed in stages within 2011.

Takenaka Research & Development Institute

To achieve the goal of a 40 percent cut of maximum daytime electric power consumption at the Takenaka Research & Development Institute, in addition to visualization of electric power consumption through the internet and the improvement of the summer operation of test equipment and facilities, during 2011, natural ventilation and sunlight blocking works, installation of photovoltaic electric power panels, and the introduction of in-house electric power generation will be carried out in stages.

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