Headquarters Functions Revised to Strengthen the Group Global Business

February 17, 2014Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation (President: Masahiro Miyashita) will revise its headquarters functions as follows on March 1 to strengthen its contribution to urban creation and the foundations of its business in order to realize the 2025 Group Growth Strategy (※1) based on the Group CSR Vision(※2).

The revision of the headquarters functions carried out last year and this year have strengthened the Group Global Business Organization.

※1 The 2025 Group Growth Strategy is a strategy that, with “Create New Value” as its key statement and 2025 as its target year, will tightly link every company in the group at every stage of urban creation to satisfy the expectations of society and of our customers.

※2 The Group CSR Vision, which states “We, the Takenaka Group, will enhance dialog with stakeholders, turn those dreams into reality through urban creation, and connect a sustainable society to the future” and presents the company’s posture and direction, began operating on January 1, 2014.

1. Establishing the Smart Community Promotion Department
To achieve Urban Creation, Takenaka will build the grand design for a smart community as a social system. To bring together and unify specialized technologies related to cities, the environment, building construction, equipment, ICT and others, strengthen our ability to support our varied stakeholders and promote participation in the discovery and conceptualization stages of both overseas and domestic projects, we will establish the Smart Community Promotion Department.
2. Establishing the Group ICT Promotion Department
We will create added value both inside and outside of Japan by promoting the optimization and efficiency of the ICT infrastructure which supports the Group Global Business, and sharing information and knowhow within the group. We will combine functions now dispersed among group companies to establish the Group ICT Promotion Department as the department leading ICT promotion throughout the Takenaka Group and discard the present Information Management Center (IMC).
3. Establishing the ICT Engineering Department
Takenaka will respond appropriately to changes in our customers’ needs and in cities and building construction by concentrating our specialized knowledge and technologies in the ICT field, now being transformed by a remarkable technological revolution including Big Data and Cloud Computing. To advance our data center and other building functions and strengthen our capacity to execute ICT related construction works, we will reorganize the functions within the Engineering Department to establish the new ICT Engineering Department.

■New Organization

New Organization