Organizational Reformation (dated April 1)

March 31, 2014Takenaka Corporation

Establishment of the PPP/PFI Promotion Department

Takenaka Corporation has established the PPP/PFI Promotion Department to promote the collection of information at the early stages of a project, formation of consortiums through alliances with a variety of companies and assessment of project risks to strengthen project management and take action in a systematic manner.
With an eye on materializing the “2025 Group Growth Strategy”※2 based on the “Group CSR Vision”※1, in January 2014, Takenaka began an organizational reform as part of its approach to “urban creation.”

The “Group CSR Vision,” which states “We, the Takenaka Group, will enhance dialog with stakeholders, turn those dreams into reality through urban creation, and connect a sustainable society to the future” and presents the company’s posture and direction, began operating on January 1, 2014.

The “2025 Group Growth Strategy” is a strategy that, with “Create New Value” as its key statement and 2025 as its target year, will tightly link every company in the group at every stage of urban creation to satisfy the expectations of society and of our customers.

Revised organizational diagram

New Organization