New Order Received for Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 1 Expansion Work

—Value of orders including construction underway for new Terminal 4 totals over 100 billion yen—

March 13, 2015Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation (President: Masahiro Miyashita) was newly awarded a contract for Changi Airport Terminal 1 expansion work by Changi Airport Group after bidding. The contract amount is approximately 28 billion yen. The construction period under the contract is scheduled from March 2015 to 2019.

Changi Airport has been supporting the flow of people and economic activities as a leading hub airport in Southeast Asia since it opened in 1981, and its facilities and services have received many prizes in the airline industry.
Takenaka Corporation participated in the construction of Terminal 1 when the airport opened. Since then, the Company has accumulated numerous experiences of new building, renovation and expansion work for Changi Airport (*).
At present, new building construction of Terminal 4 has been in progress and is scheduled for completion in 2017. (Contract amount: approx. 80 billion yen).
We believe that Takenaka received this new order for the Terminal 1 expansion work as a result of high evaluation of our past works for Changi Airport and many other overseas airports.

Outline of Changi Airport Terminal 1 Expansion Work

Terminal 1 at Changi Airport was constructed by our company and opened in 1981. On three subsequent occasions, in 1994, 2000, and 2012, we have been engaged in expansion and renovation work at the airport and we have been supporting this air hub airport that has been playing an increasingly vital role in the Asian economy.
Construction under this contract is going to renovate the departure lobby and upgrade the baggage claim in Terminal 1. The contents are as follows.

  • Renovation of departure lobby in Terminal 1
    The existing check-in counter will be replaced with a new one, and two new check-in counters will be added to serve more passengers.
  • Upgrading baggage claim in Terminal 1
    The baggage claim system will be fully automated as an automatic baggage sorting function will allow baggage to be checked and to be collected automatically. Two new baggage claims will be installed.

Outline of Construction

Construction name Changi Airport Terminal 1 Expansion Works
Building site Changi Airport Terminal 1
Owner Changi Airport Group(CAG)
Design RSP (Architectural design and structural design), Squire Mech (Equipment design)
Construction Takenaka Corporation
Construction period March 2015 to 2019
Contract amount Approx. 28 billion yen

* Past works by Takenaka Corporation for Changi Airport

Completed in Project name
1981 New Building Construction of Changi Airport Terminal 1
1988 New Building Construction of Parking Building at Changi Airport Terminal 2
1994 Renovation of Changi Airport Terminal 1
1998 Renovation of Changi Airport Control Tower
2000 Expansion of Changi Airport Terminal 1
2006 Large-Scale Renovation of Changi Airport Terminal 2
2012 Large-Scale Expansion and Renovation of Changi Airport Terminal 1
2017 (scheduled) New Building Construction of Changi Airport Terminal 4