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Group CSR Vision and Group Message

				We, the Takenaka Group, will enhance dialog with stakeholders, turn those dreams into reality through urban creation, and connect a sustainable society to the future.
				TAKENAKA Group Message
				Dreams into Reality for a Sustainable Future

Background to Enactment

In recent years, a variety of social problems have appeared, including the falling birth rate and aging of society, energy problems, and deterioration of the social infrastructure. Accordingly, to adapt to the rapidly changing environment, the needs of stakeholders have diversified, advanced, and globalized. In order to respond appropriately to these social problems and needs, we must now practice corporate business activities sharing society’s values to a greater degree than ever before. Also, we must provide solutions by organically linking and blending the know-how possessed by each and every company in the Takenaka Group. Under these circumstances, the Group has conducted a dialog with its various stakeholders at the same time as it has revealed the attitudes and the course of action which will resolve these social problems through its business as the “Group CSR Vision,” and to straightforwardly communicate this to society and to Group employees, presented it as the “Group Message.”

Dreams expressed in the Group CSR Vision and Group Message

We must meet the expectations of all stakeholders including the global environment, regional society, customers, employees, and business partners in order to realize a sustainable society at the same time as we ensure that the communities in which these people gather to work together are now, and continue to be, rich, safe, and kindly. To do so, we, the Takenaka Group will deepen our dialog with our stakeholders. We will turn those dreams into reality through urban creation incorporating new values combining the corporate strengths of the Takenaka Group—architecture, civil engineering, real estate development, facility management, and renewals—and connect a sustainable society to the future.