Osaka Shin-Ai Jogakuin Chapel

Osaka 2004

This project was the building of a new chapel for this Catholic mission school which has a history of 120 years. The chapel was built on the campus after a vacancy of about 10 years, bringing to fruition the aspirations of the school community. The school had asked for a place where they could peacefully pray, and would not be disturbed by the various noises from the surrounding area. The noises were not just simply insulated, but a space was created where the people could naturally become composed, through the layout design of the courtyard and corridor. There is a pond along the corridor leading to the chapel and the babbling sounds block out the surrounding noise, creating an environment conducive to praying where people can find their inner selves. Sounds of hymns ring out throughout the campus in the mornings and evenings from the Carillon Tower at the front of the campus. The entire facilities were carefully handmade, including the exterior brick walls, which increase in flavor over the years, the art and stained glass, reflecting scenes from the bible, and the furniture.


Osaka Shin-Ai Jogakuin

Location 2-5 Furuichi, Joto-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete
Number of floors 2 fl. above ground
Total floor area 647 m²