Otemon Gakuin University ShogunYama Hall

Osaka 2008

This is Otemon Gakuin University's history exhibition museum. Utilizing the greenery at the far end of the property, an inner courtyard has been constructed, where the sound of the water flowing from the flower bowl vibrating from the building and the wall that envelope the garden, creates a peaceful space. The inner garden is fronted by a fully-open large glass screen that creates a seamless-like connection to a café and terrace. Passage through is also possible, allowing freedom to walk throughout the entire building, and creating a space for communication between the students. In contrast, the exhibition rooms are totally enclosed with stone walls that are punctured with holes through which one can catch a glimpse of the greenery and the inner garden, and sense the atmosphere of the café and lounge.


Otemon Gakuin

Location 2-1-15 Nishiai, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete
Number of floors 2 fl. above and 1 fl. below ground
Total floor area 684m²