AGC Monozukuri Training Center Accommodation

Kanagawa 2009

Designed by Takenaka Corporation and completed in 2006, many more people are using the AGC Quality Manufacturing (Monozukuri) Training Center than were originally estimated, so there was a call for improved accommodation and a better cafeteria. This facility was designed with functions including 100 accommodation rooms for trainees, 25 rooms for lecturers, a cafeteria, and baths, along with the welfare functions of the "Keihin Club House," as one of the projects being carried out in commemoration of the centenary of the foundation of Asahi Glass. The main purpose of the facility is to enrich investment in "people," the most important of business assets.

The program of 100 rooms and 100 years led to the concept of "100 personalities (colors) friendly competing and radiating the future from 100 windows." New-function glass such as color glass and laser diffraction glass, duly expressing the innovation and diversity of Asahi Glass have been fitted into the facade. The windows perform three functions: 1. acting as sun-screening sheets (breeze soleil); 2. performing exposure testing of the new-function glass; and 3. hiding the exterior air-conditioning equipment. Also, with the floor height kept to 2.9 meters, maximum air volume in the rooms has been maintained by installing floor slabs under the beams and flat columns and using flat slabs without beams, in the pursuit of an exterior appearance with an unconstrained sculptural sense of scale.

This global company, with over 40,000 of the 60,000-strong workforce being foreigners, the passing on of Japanese culture is regarded as an important aspect of quality manufacturing. Sign planning and color scheme development is being carried out with the extraction of 100 different traditional Japanese colors. Furthermore, alcove-shaped extended exterior terraces with lounges, and large and small smoking rooms have been randomly installed throughout the facility to stimulate meeting and communication between the trainees, and each floor has its own uniqueness with a different theme color base, giving the space attraction and enabling ease of getting around inside.


Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

Location 2 Benten-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete and Steel
Number of floors 5 fl. aboveground
Building area 1,286m²
Total floor area 4,712m²
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