Comfort Hotel Central Intl. Airport North Wing

Aichi 2006

This project entailed the completion of the Stage 2 extension of 160 rooms to this Comfort Hotel, which is a three-minute walk from the Central Japan International Airport passenger terminal, which opened on this airport island with 194 rooms in February 2005.
As a common design theme, reconsideration of the "meaning of signs" toward customers is being made for this hotel, with regard to the hotel architecture where guests arrive after dark to spend the night. By using lighting effectively for various featured parts of the building, such as the top, the exterior stairways, and the pent roof, not only the signs themselves, but the hotel in its entirety is being expressed as a sign, as a "store window," presenting the atmosphere and service being provided.

In addition, in the North Wing, special approaches are being given for guests departing on journeys in the morning. Through the use of various materials, each with a rich expression, on the eastern facade side opposite the sea, such as in the passageway connecting with the original building, and in the central courtyard in front of the elevator hall, the "value of time" is shown through the light and shadows of nature, creating the feeling of anticipation.
Because the building is located on the airport island, a steel-framed RC structure has been used in consideration of the noise of planes, with sound-insulation measures using the frame structure and sound-proofing sashes. In order to realize a short work period, positive efforts were made to use PCa, from the flooring half PCa through to the central pillars. Also, by improving the precision of the PCa flooring slabs, all the guest rooms except those on the top floor have direct ceilings, securing larger space rooms than the original building with the same floor height, and realizing more comfortable rooms for the guests..


Greens Co.,Ltd.

Location 4-2-3 Centrair, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete and Steel
Number of floors 8 fl. above ground
Total floor area 12,066 m²
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