Hotel Kintetsu Universal City

Osaka 2001

Hotel Kintetsu Universal City was built as the closest hotel to Universal Studios Japan. The hotel site is located in the most festive area of the Osaka Bay Area, and the hotel was also designed to generate the "reverberation" of extraordinary experiences, along with the coexistence of "promises" of new experiences, with an assortment of scenes inside the hotel.
The hotel tower, covered with tiles in six colors, is designed to be a bold modern adaptation of colorful art deco, and is intended to become a symbol of the area. The lobby has a three-story linear atrium, designed to give guests a different sense of mood the moment they walk in. The guestrooms have been given a bold color scheme in four different theme colors, while no colors at all have been used in the elevators and bathrooms, making them transparent spaces.


Kintetsu Hotel Systems
Kintetsu Corporation

Location 6-2-68 Shimaya, Konohanaku, Osaka
Design Takenaka Corporation
Construction Takenaka Corporation and two other companies (JV)
Structure Steel
Number of floors 25 Fl. above ground
Total floor area 23,995 m²
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