Mikage Tower Residence

Hyogo 2010

This superhigh-rise apartment building has been completed at the high school site redevelopment zone on the northern side of Hanshin Mikage Station. Commercial facilities (MIKAGE CLASSE) including a Hanshin Department Store opened in 2008, and the completion of this project marks the end of the redevelopment. Because the building is located close to the station, a deck was designed to provide direct access from the station to the building, and another deck also provides access to the commercial facilities. These decks also provide barrier-free access. A rich, green area on the western side of the building, which has been opened to the public, is designed to be the disaster-prevention base during any disaster. On the eastern side of the building, a walk-through from the station square to National Route 2 has been constructed, and has been opened not just to the residents of this new building, but also to the public, designed to be more convenient to the area. There is a home for the elderly in the low levels of the building, and from the seventh floor up there are condominium apartments. The Mikage area design concept (“mikage” meaning “granite” in Japanese) has been used for the interior of the residential area entrance space, with heavy walls with rocks, a mosaic-patterned floor, stained glass, chandeliers, and ornamental elements such as brackets. These have been geometrically configured creating a space reminiscent of Hanshinkan Modernism. Works of art with the theme of “water,” which is the source of the richness of Mikage, surrounded by the sea and mountains, have been placed in the entrance space, the elevator halls, and the corridors.


Sumitomo Corporation, ORIX Real Estate Corporation, Kintetsu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Location 3-2-4 Mikagenakamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete
Number of floors 47 fl. aboveground
Total floor area 63,851m²
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