Iwate 1999

"Kashoen" is a typical high-class purely Japanese-style inn located in Hanamaki Hot Springs in Iwate Prefecture, and has been patronized by many visitors since its beginning in 1964. Originally, the inn was a two-story wooden building resembling the unique "high floor" (Takayuka)architecture that can be seen in Katsura Detached Palace in Kyoto, but because it had become dilapidated in recent years and unable to keep up with the times, it was completely pulled down last year, and has recently been rebuilt.
The site is located in a wonderful natural area, surrounded by greenery on all sides, directly behind an encroaching peaceful Nambu red pine forest, where you can hear the murmuring of the Daikawa River and the chirping of wild birds.

In order to make the most of this wonderful environment, the facilities were designed to blend in with the surrounding Japanese red pine forest, and to give a feeling of unity with nature. The building is a five-story reinforced concrete structure containing 51 guest rooms, a convention hall, six small and large banquet rooms, a restaurant, bar and a large communal bath.
The various functions were cleverly laid out on this sloped site, with the approach level being situated on the fourth level and the convention hall being situated on the second level, thereby not having to have a large volume wall at the approach level, and keeping the eaves height graceful and low.
The roof of the convention hall has a central courtyard filled with white "Ise" gravel, and the building surrounds this courtyard in the shape of a corridor with the line of the roof blending into the surrounding red pine forest, thereby creating a natural form. Furthermore, by using the "flax ornament pattern" timberwork lattice that was the symbol of the old Kashoen in different places throughout the building, the feeling of the old Kashoen is carried on. After sunset, bonfires are started in the central courtyard lighting up the surrounding red pines and creating a fantastic atmosphere.
The local people are also hoping that the rebuilding of Kashoen will lead to an even more prosperous Hanamaki Hot Springs.


Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Location 125-1 Yumotodaiichi, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture
Design/ Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete, Steel
Number of floors 5 fl. above ground
Building area 4,944 m2
Total floor area 11,180 m2
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