Renaissance Plaza Fukushima

Fukushima 2007

This project entailed the construction of a building complex containing a hotel specialized for accommodation and a parking tower in front of Fukushima station. The management philosophy of the client was “a beautifully-designed building integrating tradition and intelligence.” In order to realize this philosophy, advantage was taken of the site conditions such as being surrounded by a town square and roads, and clean-cut facades were constructed facing each direction, thereby creating a beautiful and stately building contributing to the improvement of the city landscape. To join the different uses of the hotel and parking tower, the exterior appearance has a vertical line design with vertically long windows and molded sheet louvers, and the horizontal borders penetrating the east to west side to unify the building. The interior was designed with a simple and smart base tone, and with furniture made from natural materials placed throughout, while expressing the feeling of newness, a comfortable space where people can relax has been created.


Land Business Co., Ltd.

Location 1-15 Mikawaminamimachi, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Steel
Number of floors 10 fl. aboveground
Total floor area 11,781m²
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