Shiga 2001

Located 600 meters above sea level on the Shigaraki-Kogen Plateau, the Tarao Country Club is know as a course with an abundance of beautiful ponds and fine views. The TARAO LAKE VILLA is a hot bath resort facility adjoining the course. In a conscious effort to show the connection with the existing lakes in the surrounding area, the building has been designed to look as if it is floating on an artificial lake. The flat roof highlights the horizon, and the louvers can be used to adjust the sunlight, as well as reflect light and shadows on the building and water, creating an extraordinary space. Also, because the openings can be fully opened up, this creates a connection between the inside and out, and makes people who visit the resort feel close to nature.


San-Ei Construction Co., Ltd

Location 1 Tarao, Shigaraki-cho, Koka-gun, Shiga Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Steel, Reinforced concrete
Number of floors 1 Fl. above and 1 Fl. below ground
Total floor area  2,612 m²
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