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HYOGO 2014

This is the only carpentry tools museum in Japan, which was relocated on the occasion of its 30th anniversary under the theme' Linking People ond Nature, Linking Tradition and lnnovotion". The aim was to produce a building where the public can perceive the skills of the artisons, in order to pass on the spirit of "monozukuri" building things to succeeding generations. A group of existing tea houses together with a hip and ridge tiled roof single story building were realized in a forest remaining in the city at the foot of Mount Rokko, Kobe. The hall surrounded by greenery on the first floor is provided with a north-south view using a large span structural steel arch, to enable the feeling of continuity with Mount Rokko, and from this hall the timber structure having a sensitive feeling of Japanese scale is entered. In the exhibition space that extends down to the basement 2nd floor level,an atrium and flow line space is combined into a 3-dimensional caurtyord, so that visitors can sufficienrly feel the lush external environment even when in the basement.

The aim was to have finishes to enable the skills to be felt through dialog with artisans regarding natural materials such as traditional timber, soil, lacquer, tiles, steel, and stone, so that the spirit of "monozukuri" building things can be felt with the skin. Various new features were incorporated such as a ceiling structure with special joints in solid Japanese cedar members, large doube plastered walls, as well as an aluminum system ceiling to realize rodiotive air conditioning, a stairs suspended with solid Japanese cedar boording, etc. By weaving tradition and innovation into the space, it was possible to pass on the spirit of the artisans of the present time.


Public Interest lncorporoled Foundation Takenaka Corpenlry Tools Museum

Location Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Steel,Reinforced concrete
Number of floors 1 floors obove ground plus 2 basement floors
Total floor area 1,884m²
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