Chiba 2009

This building has been constructed as the new command center at the Kimitsu Works, which is a core steelworks of Nippon Steel. As an "office floating on the ground," with a base isolation layer built into the mound, this is the realization of sustainable architecture designed to take Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) into consideration, and having full functionality as the recovery base during disasters.

The first floor is mainly space for receiving visitors, the second and third floors are office space, and the fourth floor is for welcoming VIPs. The design concept is "the profile of steel." "Ingot (shaped steel and die mark) and the unique brightline spectrum of steel" have been used in the design motif with the intention of visualizing the environment surrounding steel. Several ribbed panels and small pent-roofs have been laid out in the Façade following the rhythm of the steel spectrum, which create rich expressions of deep shade and shadows from the sunshine.

New Nippon Steel and group company products have been actively used as the finishing materials for the interior of the guest areas, showing that "steel" offers new design possibilities. Light-gauge steel (LGS), which is usually used as base material, has been diverted for use as the finishing material in the entrance hall. The combination of two different types of plated steel is designed so the entire space gives the feeling of the corporate identity. In order to induce a high intensity of communication in the second and third floor work areas, meeting corners, stairways and refreshment corners have been dispersed in the area facing the central span light court. The workstations have been fitted out with universal layouts, realizing comfortable work environments with wireless LAN.

The structural span has a 10.8-meter uniform grid, and the columns use Nippon Steel's newly-developed high yield point steel, thereby reducing the total amount of steel used in the structure. In the pursuit of quality in the fourth floor VIP area where the welcoming functions such as the dining hall, reception, lounge and rooftop garden are consolidated, the aim was for a refined space with layers of light and shadows.

Client Nippon Steel Corporation
Location 1-1 Tsukiji, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Steel
Number of floors 4 fl. aboveground
Building area 4,231m²
Total floor area 12,734m²