AGC Monozukuri (Quality Manufacturing) Training Center

Kanagawa 2006

This training facility has been constructed in a section of the Asahi Glass Keihin Plant in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama. These days, like many manufacturing companies, Asahi Glass faces a crisis with regard to handing down skills, due to the skilled workers becoming older and the baby boomers reaching retirement. This is why the company considered enhancing the training facilities an important matter. This training center is composed of two wings: the "training wing," mainly for lectures, and the "practical wing," where employees can get hands-on training with regard to furnaces and operational methods. The four-story training wing has small to medium-sized training and discussion rooms on the first to third floors, and on the fourth floor, with a 5.5-meter ceiling height, there is a large training room, conversation room as well as an outside terrace. A glass atrium has been built in the center of the building, reaching up to the fourth floor, and a refreshment corner where plenty of sunshine is drawn in from the inside atrium has also been built, designed to enliven communication between the trainees. With regard to the construction materials, glass, which is the identity of the company, has been used with the concepts of a "light spectrum" displayed by the light passing through the glass, and that brilliance. With the theme of "visible light" from ultraviolet rays through to infrared rays, this was an attempt to put architectural form to this light, conceptually extracted from the space. The front facade, designed with slits

Slits have been built into the exterior walls, with the motif of the "emission line spectrum" which randomly exists within visible light. The slits seamlessly continue up the exterior walls to the roof, and by restricting the amount of light to only what is required for the interior of the building, the glass and the light passing through are accentuated. With the interior, the design of the floors, walls, ceilings and lights are in concord with the "color" of the emission line spectrum from each of the slits. Curtain walls have been installed at the edges of the visible light, and various types of heat-insulation performance glass with different transmittance create pixel layouts. With regard to the RC beams and slabs, rigid forms made from bending deck plates are being used, and by not using wooden forms, not only was consideration being given to the environment, but also a short work period of only nine months was realized, including the contaminated soil treatment work.



Location 2 Benten-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete and Steel
Number of floors 4 floors above ground
Total floor area Training wing 6,545 m², Practical wing 1,883 m²
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