Toyota Industries Corporation Global Training Center

Aichi 2009

This facility has been designed as the base for the global personnel training of Toyota Industries, and has 100 rooms for the accommodation of employees from within and outside of Japan. The site is located on high ground overlooking Mikawa Bay in Aichi Prefecture. The plans called for a place where the trainees would have close contact with one another, in a relaxed environment even during stressful training.

A large-capacity regulation pond has been installed on the site to prevent any polluted water from flowing into the sea even during heavy rain, to control any influence on the fishing grounds. By using the sloping land, the building has been laid out so that it would not look as high or large as it actually is, to lessen any oppressive feeling with the surroundings. With the exterior appearance, the plans aimed at emphasizing the horizon, using high-performance glass in order to maintain the view over the sea and reduce the heat load, using the eaves for maintenance, and making the most of the balconies, aiming at a high-quality design.

The sea can be felt from everywhere inside. The circulation routes inside have been made as short as possible, with a T-shaped floor plan with a lengthways circulation core in the center. Natural materials have been used in many places, and the circular seating and furniture arrangements in the interior design act as a means to liven communication.

In consideration of the global environment, CO2 emissions have been cut by around 30 percent by using solar power panels and wind power generators, reaching the CASBEE "S" rank. The building has been designed for long durability and long life, with a base isolation structure and space for equipment renewal.

Client Toyota Industries Corporation
Location 69-1 Terabe, Hazu-cho, Hazu-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Steel
Number of floors 7 fl. aboveground
Total floor area 14,550m²
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