Amada Solution Center in Haan


Amada Solution Center in Schaumburg, Illinois

USA 2009

Amada is a metal working machinery manufacturer aiming at global business development. After completing the Amada Solution Center in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago in the American state of Illinois, in July 2008, Takenaka completed construction of the Amada Solution Center in Haan, a suburb of Dusseldorf in Germany, in September 2009.

The Solution Center in Schaumburg was designed for construction in a business park with rich greenery. The structure of the showroom area consists of a black steel frame with a rectangular cross-section positioned at an 11-degree angle, and glass windows with the feeling of transparency. The office space is fine-featured, and uses red bricks to express the feeling of volume. Overall, the building has a lucid design, by installing a light court in the central atrium. The landscape, with a rectangular pond, a "tsukiyama" miniature hill, and a row of cherry blossom trees, is designed to be a continuation of the surrounding nature, and an interweaving of American and Japanese taste, gently connecting the interior and exterior.

With the concept of continuation and evolution of "Amadism," the Solution Center in Haan also uses an inclining steel frame in accordance with tradition to express the corporate spirit in the architecture. The variably inclined roof is designed to match the low hilly terrain. To blend in with the surrounding area, the colors of the building exterior consist of dark gray and silver. Various functions, such as the customer hall, the show plaza, offices and the training center have been separated into five buildings. The entire facility has been reconstructed based on the relationship between the movement of customers and the landscape. A hybrid frame system consisting of insulation material sandwiched between the inside and outside steel frames was developed for the customer hall, to create a unique customer reception space. Advanced environmental planning was undertaken in this project, including the use of a geoheat pumping system as a heat source, and the use of a radiation cooling and heating system for the air conditioning.

[Amada Solution Center in Haan]

Client Amada GmbH
Location Amada Allee 1,42781 Haan, Germany
Design & Construction Takenaka Europe GmbH
Structure Steel, Precast concrete and Reinforced concrete
Number of floors 3 fl. aboveground
Building area 8,787m²
Total floor area 12,721m²

[Amada Solution Center in Schaumburg, Illinois]

Client Amada North America, Inc.
Location 180 Amada Court, Schaumburg, IL, USA
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation (U.S.A.)
Structure Steel
Number of floors 2 fl. aboveground
Building area 9,202m²
Total floor area 12,818m²
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