Tokyo 2007

GYRE is the result of the rebuilding of a commercial tenant building on Omotesando Avenue in Tokyo. As the developer, Takenaka purchased the land lease and the existing building from a real estate investment company. Takenaka then totally produced the facility, by developing the concepts for the project and the facility, planning the tenant mix, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, the design, the tenant leasing, and the construction. As the business owner, Takenaka decided the architecture of the building, and the tenants, after which the company used a new business scheme, by selling the facility back to a real estate investment company.

Various unique architecture leading the commercial space in Japan can be found along Omotesando Avenue, where impressive zelkova trees also line the street. In order to present a new type of commercial space that would display powerful uniqueness in this part of the city, work on the new store space began with architectural firm MVRDV from the Netherlands as the joint designer, selected after a competition by invitation.

With the concept of "swirls," the building has been designed with each floor built on the next a little out of line, to give the impression of rotation. Because of this out of alignment, visitors to the facility can enjoy walking through nature and the building, while enjoying watching the changing scenes on other floors. To make the concept of "swirls on each floor" clear, semidull luster tiles have been used on the exterior, which give different expressions on each surface, depending on the angle of the sunlight. In addition, aluminum cast material in the shape of tiles has been attached to the eave ceilings, designed so that each floor looks like a simple, three-dimensional box.

The services of a commercial environment designer were engaged for the interior. With the image of an axle in response to the "swirling" concept, an atrium space was designed with a simple and vertical centripetal force and a feeling of elevation. The interior was finished with a black and white glossy color scheme so that the tenant facades would have a larger look and feeling.

Because the facility has been designed with the concept of "swirl," it has been named "GYRE," as it makes one think of a magnetic field and a moving body that generate energy. Tenants that matched the "shop and think" commercial concept were selected, such as a new concept "CHANEL," the first "BVLGARI" in the world to have a café, and the first overseas "MoMA Design Store." The 17 stores that have come together with a high degree of quality and rich uniqueness give the facility a huge impact in the Omotesando area, which continues to attract attention.


Takenaka Corporation

Location 5-10-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Total project management Takenaka Corporation
Design MVRDV and Takenaka Corporation (JV)
Supervision Takenaka Corporation
Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Steel
Number of floors 5 fl. above and 2 fl. below ground
Building area 1,532m²
Total floor area 8,950m²