Nagano 2010

Yomeishu Seizo, the manufacturer of herbal liqueur making the most of the “natural bounty” of the local Shinshu area and with a history of over 400 years, has opened the company’s Healthy Life Ideas Complex, at the edge of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. The complex has three floors, with a “local products collection” market and an event hall on the first floor, an original restaurant on the second floor, and an observation garden which commands a full view of Lake Suwa on the third floor. The name “CLASUWA” comes from Japanese words, meaning “harmony in life” and “warehouse,” and the local area, “Suwa.” The idea behind the facility is the selection, creation, collection, and coherent management of “good quality food products,” making the most of the “natural bounty” of the local area, and providing these through shops and a restaurant.

On the esplanade along Lake Suwa, there are many long-established Japanese-style inns and several art galleries, including Katakurakan, designated as a cultural asset. In some areas there were too many new stores opening, and the esplanade was beginning to lose the feeling of unity with the town, so recently it was designated as an Important Landscape Development Area. With the intention of keeping a feeling of continuity with the historical town, where many sake (rice wine) and other storehouses can be found, the exterior of the complex was designed with exposed concrete small eaves, and a charcoal-grey blasted rake plastering finish where the handwork could be seen. This was designed to give the image that time was built up in the building.

As a “nature axis” connecting Kirigamine Kogen (highland) to Lake Suwa, the “Four-Seasons Stage (Shikibutai)” large stairway has been installed, penetrating through the inside and outside space, and leading up to the rooftop observation garden, tempting visitors to rediscover the natural beauty of Lake Suwa. The “Four-Seasons Stage” also functions as an outdoor theater, where concerts and other events are held. Takenaka was responsible for the coherent business planning, product development, the design and construction, supporting the creation of a competitive business model, where software and hardware have been integrated.


Total floor area

Location 3-1-30, Kogan-dori, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Takenaka Corporation
Number of floors 3 fl. aboveground
Building area 1,124m²
Total floor area 1,843m²