Osaka 2000

HOOP - the commercial building constructed by Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd. and Kintetsu Department Stores on the southern side of Kintetsu Abenohashi Station - was recently completed. With the store concept of "New Self-Style Modification Center for Adults," the building comprises a large urban specialist store and more than 50 individual shops, and it is striving to become a commercial facility that provides lifestyle ideas, while being a little different to the adjoining Kintetsu Department Store and La Serena.
The building has six floors above ground and two below, and a total sales floor area of 13,647 square meters. The main feature is BIG CIRCLE - the circular overhang of the fifth and sixth floors, which is also the origin of the building's name. As it is lit up at night, it serves to counteract the noise of the urban scenery, such as the surrounding neon signs, while at the same time giving the building a strong impression.

The moving light that is lit up from the bottom of the BIG CIRCLE changes in response to sound, thereby creating a dynamic space. The overhang functions as a gigantic window roof, and increases the comfort of the event space directly below.
Other features of the building are the Sunken Garden in which a rainfall (a waterfall of mist) flows and the Open Air Plaza established at the front of the building as a meeting place and a place for relaxation. Here railway sleepers are laid down, with rails used as objets d'art, evidence of the environmentally responsible approach of reusing waste materials. The open plaza is a space rich in topicality, as it can also be used as an events venue, with the stairways becoming seats for the audience. The whole surface of the front of the open plaza is a glass screen, which provides a panoramic view of the sales floors from outside, and together with the observation elevators and escalators with views to outside, works to emphasize the building's transparent, open feeling. The large atrium corridor open from the basement floor to the second floor, which extends through the center of the building in a north-south direction, facilitates the passage of people, and will form a gate to the streets of Abeno in the future when development extends to the south. This makes it a design that is aware of the streetscape.
We hope that this building will become a base for revitalization of the areas of Abeno and Tennoji as a "circle of charm" for the area.


Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd. and Kintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd.

Location 1-2-30 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka City
Design Takenaka Corporation
Construction Takenaka Corporation and 3 other companies (JV)
Structure Reinforced Concrete and Steel
Number of floors 6 Fl. above and 2 Fl. below ground
Building area 3,353 m²
Total floor area 19,857 m²