Osaka 2005

The memorial work of creating a new-age "Pleasurable Naniwa Department Store" in the birthplace of the Sogo Department Store has been completed. To realize this project, based on the Urban Renaissance Special Measure Law, by constructing cultural exchange facilities that lead to revitalization of the area, the store floor space was expanded by receiving relaxation of the slant line regulation and a floor-area ratio limit of 281 percent.
The exterior design gives consideration to harmony with the distinguished Midosuji Avenue. By using graphic film glass and multifolded layers of mesh screen, the area around the entrance has the feeling of transparency and the expression of friendliness. In the sunshine, the exterior wall wave-style panels have a textile-like touch and the expression of richness, and when they are lit up at night, the butterfly objet d'art gorgeously floats up. With such an accumulation of elements and feeling of recurring rhythm, the building transmits the image of "sleek female beauty" with dignity and glamour onto Midosuji.

At the entrance to the building, as the nucleus for attracting customers, there is a two-floor atrium passage connecting Midosuji Avenue and Shinsaibashi Avenue, and there is also an atrium with a waterfall from the twelfth floor to the top. The atrium adds sunlight, greenery and water to the building, while creating movability and a feeling of unity between the Sogo Theater and the Sogo Park. The Sogo Theater is a 277-seat capacity multipurpose hall with retractable seats and a reverberation adjustment system, and by opening and closing a large movable wall, it can be transformed from a closed-type typical theater into an open-type glass-walled theater. At a height of 75 meters, the rooftop Sogo Park is a pleasant green oasis with plants for each season, some water scenery, and a wood deck stage. It presents a three-dimensional inside space for an enjoyable, worry-free walk around the Shinsaibashi area.
Furthermore, in order to carry on the cultural heritage of the old Sogo, design motifs of the old Sogo are represented throughout, including a "Leaping Statue" in the Sogo Park, a "glass decoration" in the Sogo Theater lobby lighting, and some pieces of the mosaic tiles of the old entrance hall ceiling in the seventh floor salon. While preserving the classical culture of Shinsaibashi, as a "new old-established store," the building realizes a new design integrated with the past.


Sogo Co., Ltd.

Location 1-8-3, Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Planning Sogo Co., Ltd., Millennium Retailing, Inc.
Design Takenaka Corporation
Interior design
Design total director
Callison Architecture, Inc.Takenaka Corporation, NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Design Supervision MURANO design
Washi (Japanese paper)
art work
Construction Takenaka Corporation and another company JV
Structure Steel, steel reinforced concrete
Number of floors 14 floors above, 2 floors below ground
Building area 4,190 m²
Total floor area 58,175 m²