Strong Building

Hyogo 2005

The site of this building is in the center of Kobe, in the northeastern area of the former foreign settlement of Kobe. The complex has been designed with three uses: a self-activating carpark, and stores and offices, both for rent. The theme for the design was the action of thorough "turning back." The second to the seventh floors consist of a carpark with nothing on the ceilings, the first floor consists of "glass box" stores for rent, with RC slabs on either side, and the eighth floor has a penthouse office space for rent. The building is made up of these three layers of uses. Although this is a classical three-layer structure, by using laminated flooring it has been turned into a modern structure.

As for the building materials such as stainless steel, concrete and glass, only the minimum required amounts have been used. On the stainless steel 2B punch panels during the daytime there is a vague reflection of the city, but at night by practically erasing its own existence, the light from inside the building oozes out. With an unobstructed, dominating size, the exposed concrete finish of the ceiling gently reflects outside light in the daytime, and at night is lit up to show its existence.
With regard to the structure, 200-millimeter-diameter steel rod columns vertically support the 300-millimeter-thick RC flat slabs, and with regard to the horizontal strength, a frame structure is employed where the entire horizontal load is supported by the earthquake-resisting walls without using any beams in the standard floors. By focusing on the steel rod columns only handling the load of the long-term compressive axial force, a simple method of bearing pressure joint was devised and implemented, doing away with the need for welding for the column joints. As a result, it only took around five minutes to complete the installation of one column. Furthermore, the Fireproof Performance Verification Program was used, enabling columns without fireproof coating to be used almost entirely in the carpark section.


STRONG & CO., (Far East) LTD.

Location 6 Edo-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Structure Reinforced concrete and Steel
Number of floors 8 floors above ground
Total floor area 6,593 m²