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OSAKA 2016

This revitalized commercial facility, located just in front of Osaka’s Hirakata Station, is intended to serve as “a comfortable living room for the community.” The facility is centered around the Hirakata Tsutaya Shoten retail bookstore, which has a vast collection of over 150,000 titles. Inside, massive bookcases are visible through the building’s transparent façade, while its rooftop terrace provides sweeping views of the city. The building layout allows people to circumnavigate the entire facility, with atriums that provide a lively atmosphere for communication and encounters among people and services. This revitalization project sheds new possibilities on station-front renewal strategies in those areas facing population decline.

Design Takenaka Corporation
Construction Takenaka Corporation, Maedagumi JV
Structure S & SRC, 9 Fl. above, 1 Fl. below ground
Total Floor Space 17,553m²
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