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Suitengu Shrine

TOKYO 2016

Tokyo’s Suitengu Shrine was completely renovated as part of a project commemorating the 200th anniversary of its enshrinement. This historic landmark fuses traditional Japanese shrine architecture with a contemporary waiting room and meeting hall. The restored entrance, originally built in 1872, reinstated an approach path extending north to south towards the shrine. The multilayered space features a gently ascending stairway connecting the first and second floors, and a ramp linking the waiting room with the pavilion, allowing worshippers to make their way about the shrine with ease. The project emphasized seismic retrofitting and environmental-impact improvements throughout, including a base seismic isolation structure. The shrine grounds will serve as a local evacuation area in the event of emergency.

Design & Construction: Takenaka Corporation
Structure RC, 6 Fl. above, 1 Fl. below ground
Total Floor Space approx. 5,000m²
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