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One of the World's Largest Research Centers

Takeda Pharmaceutical Shonan Research Center

This new large-scale facility includes an Experiment Building Which integrates two previously disparate research centers, Creating an environment that facilitates collaboration among 1,200 researchers, The Center itself incorporates an enormous seismic isolation structure with a total of 496 seismic isolation Devices. Each of the five interconnected building were constructed using four crawler cranes. Numerous parties were involved in the design and Construction and Takenaka was in charge of managing the Entire process. This monumental project was completed in the relatively short construction time of only 21.5 months.

The Experiment Building measures approximately 330m x 180m.

Entrance and south fa├žade of Shonan Research Center

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited Shonan Research Center (2011, Kanagawa) 

Construction Manager YAMASHITA SEKKEI INC., Yamashita PM Consultants Ltd.
Basic Design/Construction Supervision PLANTEC ARCHITECTS INC.
Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation and others
Total Floor Space 310,474m2
Structure S, 10 fl. above ground (Experiment Bldg. only)

Rebuilding an Ancient Palace

Daigokuden, Imperial Hall

The elegant Daigokuden Imperial Hall of the Heijokyu Palace, capital of Heijo-kyo in 710, once served as a venue for imperial ceremonies. Following years of excavation and research, a reconstruction plan was created; after nearly nine years, reconstruction of Daigokuden was accomplished using traditional methods.
The building is 16.4m wide and 7.3m long, with a two-layered half-hipped tile roof. Made of Japanese cypress, it is one of the largest examples of pure wooden architecture in Japan. Base-isolation and earthquake-resistant clay walls were adopted, thus realizing an ancient building that meets contemporary building standards.

Daigokuden was reconstructed using traditional techniques and materials.

The Imperial Hall rebuilt to its original grandeur

Former Imperial Audience Hall Dai-ichiji Daigokuden of the Nara Palace Site Special Historic Site (2010, Nara) 

Reconstruction Plan Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
Design & Supervision The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology and the Japanese Association for Conservation of Architectural Monuments
Construction Takenaka Corporation (JV)
Total Floor Space 858m2
Structure RC & W, 1 fl. above ground