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Building an Innovative Environment

Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center SPRC4

This research center combines multiple research facilities and is designed to improve efficiency in the development of new drugs. The office space makes it easy for researchers to communicate with one another, while an attractive light-filled galleria and atrium are located in the center of the facility. Various environmental technologies are implemented, including the use of a geothermal air conditioning system. The exterior’s attractive triple-skin aluminum louvers lower heat load by 40%. Overall, the Center’s spacious, open design encourages innovation while comprehensively addressing environmental concerns.

Natural light flows from atrium into the galleria.

The triple-skin aluminum exterior adds distinction.

Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center SPRC4 (2011, Osaka) 

Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation and others
Total Floor Space 43,929m2
Structure SRC, S & RC, 5 fl. above ground

Outstanding Conceptual Design and Technology

Nitto Kohki Headquarters and R&D Office

Nitto Kohki commemorated its 50th anniversary with the construction of its new Headquarters and R&D buildings. Office and R&D functions are clearly segregated, connected by an atrium. The building blends into the natural environment with a green terrace and trees planted around the site. The working environment incorporates various comfortable and innovative energy-related features, including an energy-saving combination of radiant ceiling panels, underfloor A/C, and natural ventilation which together realize optimum air conditioning. Exterior moveable louvers are automatically controlled.

On-site greenery and terrace create a relaxing atmosphere..

The triple-skin aluminum exterior adds distinction.

Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. Headquarters/R&D Office (2010, Tokyo) 

Design & Supervision Takenaka Corporation
Total Floor Space 10,251m2
Structure S, SRC, 5fl. above, 1fl. below ground