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Technology & Engineering

Super High-Rise Condo with Innovative Protection System

Island Tower Sky Club

Island Tower Sky Club is a 145-meter tall, 42-story super high-rise. The tower comprises three slender connected buildings, each with a challenging aspect ratio of seven. It is the world's first super high-rise condominium with three connected towers. A hybrid base-isolation system that utilizes four types of isolation is incorporated. The buildings are connected by three-tiered steel truss structures that incorporate dampers effective both under wind and earthquake excitations developed by Takenaka Corporation.

View of the innovative 42-story Island Tower Sky Club

High-strain super-plastic alloy dampers

The three buildings are connected by"Sky Garden"aerial yards, built using the lift-up construction method. This allowed each yard to be built upon a lower yard and then lifted up to its designated position.

Island Tower Sky Club(2008, Fukuoka) 

Design Takenaka Corporation,Tsukasa Arehitect Design Co., Ltd.
Construction Takenaka Corporation (JV)
Total Floor Space 60,831m2
Structure SRC, RC & S, 42 fl. above, 1 fl. below ground

Cloud Computing and Corporate Server Outsourcing

Takenaka Data Centers

In response to increasing demand for corporate server outsourcing, Takenaka's Data Center Promotion Group has been successful in the proposal and development of data center models.

Double-Space Urban Data Center

The Double-Space Urban Data Center has an underfloor space of approximately 2 vertical meters, which reduces air conditioning costs and CO2 emissions by more than 60%. This Center offers 30% more server rack space than conventional double-layer floor types.

Suburban Data Center for Cloud Computing

Each building in this Center consists of individual server room units, realizing a reduction of initial investment and operating costs, with faster facilities expansion and leasing of individual buildings.

Automated Warehouse Container Data Center

For areas with limited available land, this Center accommodates servers in container-type packages. This permits on-demand response to data center needs from the operation and management of data centers following their launch, to facility expansion.

  • Rendering of Rendering of Rendering of Rendering of Data Center

  • Cross-Section of Data Center

  • Suburban Data Center for Cloud Computing

  • Automated Warehouse Container Data Center

  • Image of Double-Space Urban Data Center


Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
is a subsidiary of Takenaka Corporation specializing in civil engineering works. The company has been engaged in projects to improve infrastructure since its establishment in 1941. Although Takenaka Corporation's specialty is architecture, there are cases where we can provide services in civil engineering.

Moriya Railway Yard (Japan)

Jabotabek Railway Project, Central Line Truck Elevation, Segment-B2 (Indonesia)

  • Railway Rehabilitation Project of Bucharest-Constanta Line (Romania)

  • Green-Growing Concrete on river terrace of Shinano River (Japan)