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Transforming a 73 Year-Old Commercial Building

Fukuoka PARCO

Interior and exterior renovation of this 73 year-old department store in the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture aimed for an updated image, yet included preserving a sense of the building’s original character and history. The exterior design combines glass and pure-white aluminum panels with LED lights embedded in the panel joints. At night, this effect emits a welcoming glow, creating an illuminated, eye-catching image. Earthquake-resistant improvements included installation of steel braces; security improvements involved installation of emergency elevators. Winner of the 24th Fukuoka City Landscape Award

At night, LED lights create a warm ambiance.

Steel braces were installed.

Fukuoka PARCO (2010, Fukuoka) 

Design & Construction Takenaka Corporation
Total Floor Space 23,783m2
Structure RC, 9fl. above, 1fl. below

Neo-baroque Restoration in Tokyo

State Guest House, Akasaka Palace

The Akasaka Palace (formerly the Akasaka Detached Palace) designed by Tokuma Katayama was constructed in 1909, the first Western-style palace to be built in Japan. It was originally used by the Imperial Household, but it was overseen by the government following the Second World War. In 1974 the palace was designated as the State Guest House; renovations of the main building were supervised by Togo Murano, and its Japanese-style annex design was by Yoshiro Taniguchi. To mark the building’s centenary, extensive restoration and repairs were implemented in 2008 to meet the changing needs of modern society.

This magnificent neo-baroque palace stands on a vast site in Tokyo.

The restored decorative ceiling

State Guest House, Akasaka Palace (2008, Tokyo) 

Design Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Construction Takenaka Corporation(JV)
Total Floor Space 15,355m2
Structure Steel reinforced Brick masonry, 2 fl. above, 1 fl. below ground