Verifying the Success of a Vegetable Cultivation Project Introduced in a Resort Hotel in Hawaii

—Fresh vegetables in restaurants a big hit with guests—

May 9, 2016Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation (President : Masahiro Miyashita) has established a facility growing lettuce (Grand Hyatt Kauai Garden) at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa*, a resort hotel Takenaka owns and operates on Kauai Island in Hawaii, U.S.A. and for about one year, has verified the successful operation of a cultivation project introduced to meet the needs of the hotel′s restaurants. The cultivated lettuce, which are served in the hotel′s restaurants, have been a big hit with guests.

*Facility owner:Kawailoa Development LLP (A 100-percent-owned subsidiary of Takenaka Corporation)
Hotel operator:Hyatt Hotels Corporation

From the Grand Hyatt Kauai Garden, which is the size of a single tennis court, about 1,600 plants of lettuce can be picked weekly and supplied to the six restaurants in the hotel. The hotel formerly had lettuce shipped from outside the island, causing problems such as a loss of freshness, but by installing this farm, it can now supply fresh lettuce. It also uses the farm as a scene for in-hotel activities such as a lettuce harvesting tour.

To carry out the cultivation project, with guidance from the University of Hawaii and the participation of the hotel chef, the yield and the cultivation system were planned. Five varieties of lettuce suited to Kauai Island′s climate were selected, and for one year, the cultivation period was optimized in order to achieve the qualities—including freshness, coloration, fragrance, no bitterness, and soft texture—that meet the chef′s needs. In the future, increasing the number of varieties cultivated will be considered and test cultivation of green vegetables other than lettuce will be carried out.

Outline of Grand Hyatt Kauai Garden

Start of harvesting Early February 2015
Area Approx. 300m2 (equal to one tennis court)
Cultivation period Three weeks after planting seedlings
Productivity Approx. 1,600 plants/week
Cultivation system Hydroponics by NFT*
(*NFT: Nutrient Film Technique)

View of a harvesting tour of the Grand Hyatt Kauai Garden

Takenaka Corporation will build on this initiative at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa to develop this space concept that combines farming and food under the name, Chef′s Garden*. It will propose a stable supply of fresh vegetables that can be eaten without worry in hotels, commercial facilities, and medical care and welfare facilities in Japan to create healing spaces where people can dine while watching fresh vegetables growing before their eyes.

Image of Chef′s Garden*

*"Chef's Garden" is a Trademark/Service Mark of TAKENAKA CORPORATION, registered in Japan.