TAKENAKA by numbers

400 years of history
400years of history

For four centuries, ours has been the tradition of the Master Builder.

Takenaka Tobei Masataka was a carpenter for the famous Oda family at the beginning of the Edo Period. In 1610 he started a family business as a carpenter and a builder of shrines and temples.

He was the first in a long line of builders, dedicated to giving their clients the best that architecture and craftsmanship can deliver—Master Builders.

70% of projects are Design-Build
70% of projects are Design-Build*

Master builders want to create master works. So we do both design and construction—what is called

The advantages are clear:

  • If defects are found in either design or construction, it is easier to find out the causes and deal with the issues effectively and quickly.
  • Using our own technologies and expertise in the design process enables more rational construction and shortens the project period.
  • Results for 2017
    (based on the number of construction orders received)
2,483 Licensed First Class Architects
2,466Licensed First Class Architects*

Creating master works with design-build requires the best human resources, at every level. In Japan, a First Class Architect plays the roles of both architect and engineer. In the case of larger buildings, we use Structural Design First Class Architects (228 as of 2019) backed up by Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design First Class architects (76 as of 2019). To maintain the highest standards of both design and engineering, we promote in house training so qualified people improve their skills and proceed to national and private certification.

  • Enrollment as of January 2019
BCS Prize*1 112for design, 220for construction*2 BELCA Prize*3 32for design and 66for construction
332BCS Prize*
98BELCA Prize*

BCS Prize recognize excellence in domestic architecture based on field surveys by the BCS selection committee. BELCA Prize recognize superior maintenance and refurbishment of existing peoples over time. In addition, our work has been recognized by the Architectural Institute of Japan and the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan in total 32 technology and 36 promotional awards up to 2018 (total of 32 technical awards and 36 promotion awards for the cumulative total up to FY 2018). In terms of awards, we lead the industry.

  • BCS Prize (to 2018):
    112 for design, 220 for construction (including 45 for joint ventures)
  • BELCA Prize (to 2017):
    32 for design and 66 for construction
1/5 of Osaka World Expo’s pavilions and facilities 1970
1/5of Osaka World Expo’s pavilions and facilities 1970

In 2025, the World Expo will be held in Osaka for the first time in 55 years. Our headquarters is in Osaka, where we established 2025 Japan World Expo Promotion Department in October 2017 to facilitate our active involvement in the World Expo’ campaign.

In 1970 we built 28 of the 118 pavilions and facilities. In 2025, we hope to contribute even more.