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Computational Design

Post period:2018年10月1日~2018年12月18日
Publication date:1th Oct. 2018 ~18th Dec. 2018

Japanese ver.

Computational Design Japanese ver.

English ver.

Computational Design English ver.

Architecting Human Health

Post period:2017年12月11日~2018年3月11日
Publication date:11th Dec. 2017 ~11th Mar. 2018

Japanese ver.

Architecting Human Health Japanese ver.

English ver.

Architecting Human Health English ver.

Wooden Architecture

Post period:2017年7月10日~8月10日/2017年8月21日~9月15日
Publication date:10th Jur. 2017 ~10th Aug. 2017/21th Aug. 2017 ~15th Sep. 2017

Japanese ver.

Wooden Architecture Japanese ver.

English ver.

Wooden Architecture English ver.

Urban Redevelopment

Post period:2016年9月5日~10月14日
Publication date:5th Sep. 2016 ~14th Oct. 2016

Japanese ver.

rUban Redevelopment Japanese ver.

English ver.

Urban Redevelopment English ver.

Zero-Energy Buildings

Post period:2016年8月5日~9月11日
Publication date:5th Aug. 2016 ~11th Sep. 2016

Japanese ver.

Zero-Energy Buildings Japanese ver.

English ver.

Zero-Energy Buildings English ver.


Post period:2016年1月4日~3月13日
Publication date:4th Jan. 2016 ~13th Mar. 2016

Japanese ver.

CapitaGreen Japanese ver.

English ver.

CapitaGreen English ver.