English Version of the Corporate Report “TAKENAKA Corporate Report 2019” published

―Introduction to Efforts by the Takenaka Group to Achieve a Sustainable Society―

June 3, 2019Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation (President: Masato Sasaki) has published the English version of its corporate report, TAKENAKA Corporate Report 2019. The entire report is posted on the Takenaka web site at https://www.takenaka.co.jp/takenaka_e/about/csr/

This report has been published to widely publicize the Takenaka Group’s Group CSR Vision, and at the same time, to inform all its stakeholders of the group’s overall business activities that aim for its global development.
TAKENAKA Corporate Report 2019 describes Takenaka Corporation’s activities that contribute to CSR, SDGs, etc. and introduces its efforts to tackle the Shared Value Challenge with the goal of realizing a sustainable society.
This year, it presents the following special features, which report activities that symbolize the company’s activities aiming for a sustainable society.

1. Increasing the Number of Mid-Rise Buildings Made of Japanese Timber
Introduction of activities that encourage the use of Japanese lumber through a technological revolution and project application to achieve a low-carbon society and realize a Forest Grand Cycle that results in regional revitalization.
2. Innovating Productivity of the Entire Process from Design to Construction
Introduction of Takenaka’s development of BIM, ICT, AI, robotics and other advanced technologies, and activities to improve productivity of the entire process taking advantage of the merits of the integrated design-build system, which is Takenaka’s strength.
3. Dreams into Reality for a Sustainable Future – “Work Style Reform”
Introduction of a work style reform aiming for the improvement of the work-life balance Takenaka has undertaken to become an attractive construction company that will lead the industry in the future.

TAKENAKA Corporate Report 2019


About Us
Management Perspectives
Company/Group Overview
Group CSR Vision
Takenaka, the Past and the Future
Group Growth Strategy

Special Features
1.Increasing the Number of Mid-Rise Buildings Made of Japanese Timber
2. Innovating Productivity of the Entire Process from Design to Construction
3. Dreams into Reality for a Sustainable Future–“Work Style Reform”

Business Activities
Architecture -- Turning Customer Dreams into Reality
International Operations -- Supporting the Business Activities of Our Customers
Development -- Creating New Value Through Urban Creation
Engineering -- Delivering Ideal Solutions to Help Customers Solve Their Problems
Technological Development -- Forging the Future with Technology
Group Companies -- Business Activities Conducted by Principal Domestic Takenaka Group Companies

CSR Action Plan: 2018 Results & 2019 Targets
 Sustainable Urban Creation and Social System Development
 Prepare a foundation for promoting sustainable production
 Response to the global environment and biodiversity
 Promotion of social contribution activities
 Development of industrial and social infrastructure through technical innovation

Sustainable Growth
 Realization of healthy and rewarding workplace environments
 Promotion of diversity

Fair Corporate Activities
Achievement of Targets Through Partnership
Corporate Governance
External Perspective

Financial and Nonfinancial Highlights