New Order Received for Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 2 Expansion Work

Jan 21, 2020Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation (President: Masato Sasaki) is honored to have been awarded construction work as the main contractor for the expansion of Changi Airport Terminal 2. The project is expected to be completed around 2024.

The scope of works to be undertaken for this contract include upgrading of infrastructure, as well as enhancement of the baggage handling system from a semiautomated to a fully automated system. This project will also include the reconfiguration of the departure hall to expand its capacity and will feature a new layout of check-in counters, automated check-in kiosks and bag-drop machines. There will also be additional baggage claim belts in the arrival hall, and new retail, and food and beverage outlets will be added as part of the project's scope.

In addition, these works will be done while the airport is in operation. Such a challenge is not new to Takenaka, as we have been involved with the upgrading and expansion works for both Changi Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in past years under similar requirements.

Takenaka will endeavor to work closely with the client, Changi Airport Group, and all stakeholders to minimize any impact to passengers using Terminal 2, as well as to ensure a seamless integration between the newly completed works and existing infrastructure at each phase of the construction.

Outline of Changi Airport Terminal 2 Extension Work

Terminal 2 at Changi Airport was opened in 1991. In 1989, 2006 and 2012, we were engaged in extension and renovation works of the airport infrastructure, and we have been supporting this hub airport that has been playing an increasingly vital role in the Asian economy. Construction under this contract involves the renovation of the departure and arrival halls, baggage claim hall, transit hall, redeveloping the baggage handling system and construction of a new automated early baggage storage (EBS) system in Terminal 2. The scope is as follows:
・Renovation of departure, arrival, baggage claim and transit halls
The existing check-in counters will be replaced with a new ones, and all the existing finishings, ceilings, walls, columns and floors will be replaced with new finishes.
・Redevelopment of the baggage handling system
The baggage handling system with automated baggage sorting capability will be redeveloped with an enhanced control system.
・Construction of an EBS system
A new automated EBS system with a storage capacity of 2,300 bags will replace the existing semiautomatic EBS system. Bags will be stored and retrieved automatically and sent to the designated departure makeup carousel via automated tilt tray sorters.

〈Perspective of the completed work〉

Outline of Construction

Project name Changi Airport Terminal 2 Expansion Works
Building site Changi Airport Terminal 2
Owner Changi Airport Group(CAG)
Design JH Boiffils (Interior Design)
RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd (Architectual and Structural Engineer)
J Roger Preston (Singapore) Pte Ltd(Mechanical and Electrical Engineer)
Construction Takenaka Corporation
Period November 2019 to 2024

* Past works by Takenaka Corporation for Changi Airport

Completed Project name
1981 New Building Construction of Changi Airport Terminal 1
1989 New Building Construction of Parking Building at Changi Airport Terminal 2
1994 Renovation of Changi Airport Terminal 1
1998 Renovation of Changi Airport Control Tower
2000 Expansion of Changi Airport Terminal 1
2006 Large-Scale Renovation of Changi Airport Terminal 2
2012 Large-Scale Expansion and Renovation of Changi Airport Terminal 1
2013 Renovation of Changi Airport Terminal 2
2017 New Building Construction of Changi Airport Terminal 4
2019 Expansion of Changi Airport Terminal 1