“VEGE-TABLE” Supports Corporate Health Management
“VEGE-TABLE” Supports Corporate Health Management
Veggies can make meetings go better

Wellness is an important issue. We need to encourage healthier lifestyle habits so people can live healthier lives. As a result, Takenaka has innovated a comprehensive range of solutions that we call Wellness Management: technologies aimed at creating healthier communities through creative architectural solutions. We are thinking outside the box. A good example is our VEGE-TABLE which is not only a fully functional meeting table but an office hydroponics garden for growing vegetables—up to 80 different types of healthy, organic food.

Your business gets connected to nature. Office workers can see the vegetables growing, pick them and then eat them. It’s fun, natural and a welcome distraction from the humdrum of office routine. Feel better—think better—be more creative.

Hydroponics and automated irrigation and light controls, mean you can grow vegetables in a way that never interferes with normal business operations.

Of course, you can sell the vegetables. But the real value of this table is in promoting the idea of Wellness Management—healthier lifestyles for healthier people.

Veggies can make meetings go better?!
Veggies can make meetings go better?!

Product Features

  1. Table space for A4 documents and laptops.
  2. Electric outlets enable the use of laptops and monitors possible in meetings.
  3. Hydroponics using solid minerals as a medium makes possible organic cultivation from among dozens of different vegetables.
  4. An acrylic cover over the growing area maintains the right humidity and moisture and keeps things clean. It can be slid back to pick vegetables as needed.
  5. Dual mode LED lighting optimizes both cultivation and office work, with automatic switching.
  6. Culture solution is supplied automatically with alerts for low levels.
  7. Air flow to the vegetables is provided by silent fans.
  8. There is no chance of leakage with a drain pan underneath.
Product Features

Sales Outline

Product Name VEGE-TABLE
Price Base price: ¥868,000
(A separate fee is required for delivery and installation, monthly maintenance and seedlings.)
Release Date July 2, 2018
Sales and Maintenance Asahi Corporation
Other in Japan only