A futuristic architecture with AI

A futuristic interface that connects people to their homes

A futuristic interface connects people and house

A glass interface in the center of the building displays information such as room temperature and brightness, connecting people to the house. In addition, IoT connects the home and the object, and provides the best service for people while watching the indoor and energy situation.
This cycle was realized by the “Building Communication System” developed by Takenaka using advanced information technology.

A futuristic interface connects people and house

“Building Communication System” + AI

The house grows with AI

“Building Communication System” + AI

The addition of AI to “Building Communication System” has enabled “EQ House” to learn and grow. Lighting and air conditioning systems provide highly customized spaces by learning about individual preferences and comfort through communication with people.

Sensing plan to read even the background behind

By sensing the environmental information hidden in the background and learning it by AI, it is possible to reflect the relationship that could not be grasped in the past in the control.

The house grows with AI

Dimming film that responds to people and the environment

Dimming film controls the light that falls from the distinctive exterior like the sun shining through the trees. The transparency of the dimming film is adjusted according to the sensed data of solar radiation and the position of the sun to achieve optimum energy conservation control. You can program what AI has learned and reflect it in control.

Dimming film for controlling solar radiation
ON/OFF of dimminng film

Digital Design-Build

Future design and construction technologies that realize EQ House

The exterior of the “EQ House” features 1200 panels providing an impressive silhouette. The exterior panel is designed using a computerized design that generates shapes by program. Based on the results of the 365 day sun pattern study, we determined the optimal shape and placement for the exterior panel.
We create a comfortable space by feeling the beautiful light and natural breeze that come into the room through a hole in the panel.

Environmental simulation with 365 day sun pattern
Computerized design of exterior panels

Digital data at the design stage makes construction more efficient. Using the digital information of each panel, a laser cutter automatically cuts out panels of various shapes at the factory.

Laser cutter processing at factory using digital panel information

Each panel is managed by its own ID, and during assembly and inspection at the site, necessary information such as the location of installation is provided in a timely manner through wearable devices such as smart glasses, thereby supporting work at the site.
These digital design build practices are starting to revolutionize the construction process in the near future.

Providing information on installation locations through smart glasses