Hirakata T-Site, a Joint Venture Designed by Takenaka Corporation and Constructed by Takenaka Corporation and Maeda Gumi, Inc., Receives the Grand Prize for Best Shopping Center at MIPIM Awards 2019

April 3, 2019Takenaka Corporation

Hirakata T-Site, a joint venture that was designed by Takenaka and constructed by Takenaka and Maeda Gumi, Inc., has won the Grand Prize for Best Shopping Center at MIPIM Awards 2019, a ceremony for honoring the world's best real estate developments.

MIPIM Awards, which is an event sponsored by MIPIM*, consists of 45 prizes awarded for 11 categories (finalists are selected to receive prizes for four or five projects in each category) in a ceremony honoring innovative and outstanding projects that have been accomplished within the year. This year, there were more than 200 entries from around the world, and Hirakata T-Site (designed by Takenaka Corporation and operated by So-Two, Inc.) was selected as one of the four finalists for the Best Shopping Center category at the MIPIM 2019 event held in Cannes, France from March 12 to 15. Then, it received the Grand Prize at the awards ceremony held on March 14. Hirakata T-Site was the only Asian project to win a Grand Prize at this European event.

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*MIPIM (Marché International des Professionnels de l‘Immobilier, or International Market of Real Estate Professionals) is a world-class real estate exposition sponsored by Reed MIDEM of France that has been held every year since 1990. This year, which marks the 30th time the event has been held, there were approximately 26,800 visitors and 3,500 exhibitors.

©Nakamichi Atsushi

©Nakamichi Atsushi

Hirakata T-Site, which was built in suburban Osaka in front of Hirakata Station, is a commercial facility that proposes lifestyles alongside books. It was conceptualized as a compact town planning site with railway network links to redevelop the local community as a commercial facility for lifestyle and culture interactions based on the concept of a "community living room" where people from all walks of life come together. By creating consecutive spaces resembling building blocks stacked atop one another that seem to "jump out" towards the station plaza and accommodating a range of lifestyle proposals in those spaces that people can visit whenever they want, Hirakata T-Site has become an irreplaceable part of the local community through the lifestyle value proposals of the goods and services found there and the communication created among the people seeking those goods and services. This concept, which aims to realize sustainable city planning through which we can see the cities and towns of the future, received much acclaim, ultimately resulting in it receiving the Grand Prize.